Tuesday, October 19, 2010

College Essay

Shuping Mei

Ryan Gallagher

English CP


On my first day of school in the US, I was extremely lonely and helpless. It was a bright sunny day. The sky was a deep shade of blue and there was a slight breeze in the air. I took a deep breath and started walking toward the school entrance. I thought to myself “Why does this school not have a playground for morning exercise as Chinese school does?" As I slowly walked forward, I started looking at all the schoolmates. Most of them were in groups and all were speaking English. I felt very strange and scared when they stared at me. I felt like I was an alien who had just landed on planet earth at that moment. I really wanted to be invisible in those days. Sitting in the corner alone, watching a teacher's mouth open and close, and wondering what she was talking about was the only thing I could do. Suddenly, a teacher asked me “can you turn off the light?" Not understanding this sentence, my mind went completely blank and I answered, “Nothing." laughter immediately rippled across the classroom. Without knowing why, I laughed too.
Everything had to be begun over again since we decided to come to America. We started from nothing. No more intimate friends could comfort me when I was sad, no more mountaintop to climb when I wanted to release stress, no more of my favorite Chinese moon cake, no more Chinese festive holiday. On a frigid overcast day in the winter of 2008, I left my homeland where I had lived for 16 yeas and came to the United Stated, a beautiful and varied country. Immersed in an unknown environment at the age of 16, everything seemed uncertain to me. In this strange and mysterious land, people have come from all over the world, but despite these physical differences, everyone shares a language that connects them.
Living in new environment and speaking a second language is not easy in the beginning. I was fearful whenever people called my name. I was fearful when I was alone with people who spoke English. If I could only speak English, I would not have to answer a question by nodding or shaking my head. If I could only speak English, I would not be afraid when people say hello to me.
To pursue my dream of speaking English and to matriculate to a reputable university in the U.S, I have had to study intensively, especially English, for the past three years. I have become a pragmatic person, focusing on the present and working to turn thoughts into action. I forced myself to communicate, even if doing so caused me embarrassment. I started making American friends and speaking English at home. I gathered courage and asked teachers questions. I participated in many extracurricular activities. Now, I am tutor in the Pass Program. I help people to do their work and speak English. I enjoy being a tutor and I wish to help more people in the future.
My dad waited for twenty years for an opportunity to bring us here. Even though I left my homeland, I have learned so much about different cultures. I have learned about some effective technology. I have met friends from all over the world. And I can speak English now, even write essay in English. Now, I am not the one who answers a question by nodding and shaking head. I am the one who speak up in class. I am the one who always greet people. And, I believe I will be more successful in the future. Now, this is my responsibility to take care of my parents, this is my responsibility to myself and my future.

“Plum Plum Pickers” In class essay

In the “Plum Plum Pickers”, Raymand Barrio suggests that social class remains an important influence to a person life. It reveals an iniquitous bargain and differences between poor and rich people. It inspires workers to strike against unequal and low pay. Author does this by using some effective’s techniques skills such as repetition and tone.
Author begins his story with description of an endless maze. He compares a situation of workers to endless maze. It alludes that workers are facing the hardship. They are force to work in the condition that put their lives in danger. Workers couldn’t escape no matter how hard they try.” there had to be. There –trapped. There had to be a way out. Locked there had to be a respite. Animal.” According to this quote, author uses repetition to describe situation. They felt trapped. They were lonely, sad and empty. It clearly shows us the struggle of Mexican farm workers.
Then author starts telling the condition and environment. Mexican farm workers complained about conditions. “The hot, dry air. The hot dry air sucking every drop of living moisture from his body.” Workers complained about poor conditions. They were working in hot and dry environment without water, being forced to work without any safety protection. “Tiredness drained his spirit of will. Exhaustion drained his mind. His fingers burned. His arm flailed the innocent trees” according to this quote, workers are frustrated, agitated and tired. They are working long hour with no overtime pay and breaks. However, they are hoping for better life. They are hoping to leave and go back their own country. On the other hand, author also tells us that rich people are selfish. “The Centralist Roberto stood there.” Crew chief is keeping eyes on workers any time. They only care about their own goods.
Finally, workers couldn’t endure oppression; they decided to react against it. “Their only crime, their only soul grime indeed was that they just didn’t give a shit how that migratory scum lived.” According to the quote, workers started making accusation against employers. They decided to strike against low and unequal pay.” He had salvaged his money savagely and he had earned respected from his fellow slaves.” He is inspired and resolved. He is hoping all the workers to work together as one to overthrow the owners. “Men are built to experience a certain sense of honor and pride.” According to quote, author inspires people to stand up what they believe.
In conclusion, “Plum Plum Pickers”by Barrio Raymand is a story about the struggle of Mexican farm workers in California in 1960s. Author reveals an iniquitous bargains and differences between poor and rich people. It clearly shows us that social class and unfair bargain have an important influence to a person life, and to society .people should stand up for what they believe. Be brave to strike against unequal and low pay.

Monday, October 4, 2010

DJ on "The story of Deadalus and Icarus"

“Homesick for homeland Daedalus hated Crete and his long exile there, but the sea held him. Though Mions blocks escapes way by land or water, surely the sky is open”

Why homesick? Who? Why? Deadalus is in jail on Island. The land held in complete control by one person, ruler. The only way he can escapes is to fly.

“In a circle, so men came to have the compass, and Daedalus, in envy, hurled the boy Headlong from the high temple of Minerva”.

Deadalus was feared that Perdix would surpass him in talent.He murdered the boy by tossing him from temple.

Friday, October 1, 2010

William Carlos Williams'poem "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus"

“Man has demonstrated that he is master of everything, except his own nature,” says Henry Miller. True, people can’t control nature. They have an inner world which they could hardly express to anthers. In the poem “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus”, William Carlos William explains human ‘circumstance and universe in the world by using effective of techniques. He suggests that people are responsible for their own actions and the world is full of people who take life too seriously; it’s time to lighten up about things. The life is complicated, but it still goes on.
In the “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus.”William Carlos William reveals that human are selfish. According to Brueghel. Icarus was famous for his death and drowning in the sea from the fly too close to sun with wings that held up with wax that melted. “Insignificantly off the coast there was a splash quite unnoticed.” Author describes Icarus as insignificant. Did a farmer see Icarus falling from sky and not to help him? Were they selfish? Yes, they were selfish. Author shows these to us by using personification. “The edge of the sea concerned with itself”. As we see, people were working very seriously. They care about their job more than other things. Author does this by using personification. “A famer was plunging his field the whole pageantry.” However, author suggests that the world is full of people who take life too seriously, it’s time to lighten up about things, sometime look around and see what other are doing. On the other hand, author suggests that human are responsible for own actions. According to “The myth of Daedalus and Icarus”, Daedalus gave flying lesson to Icarus before their flight. “I warn you, Icarus, flying a middle course: don’t go too low, or water will weigh the wings down; don’t go too high, or the sun will burn them.” However, Icarus didn’t listen, he was died as result. Obviously, Icarus should take responsibility for himself. However, we tend to blame farmers and fishing man after the reading. Author wants to tell us that doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, human like to blame, and so that they don’t look bad. People blame others for being poor, people blame the government for high prices; human blame others for everything in life.
In the painting “Landscape with fall of Icarus,” Pieter Brueghel reveals that life is complicated, life still goes on matter what happen. Pick yourself up and start all over again. Author does this by using different color and symbols. I see a large Varity of different things and activities in the painting. They are of different colors. I see the sky has a lot of colors. It is shape of white, blue, yellow, and orange. I would assume that author wants us to know that life is complicated. The color represented different experience. Easy, hard, no matter what it is, time does not stop for a person.
In the poem “The myth of Daedalus and Icarus”, Ovid reveals that envy infects thoughts. According to Ovid, Daedalus murdered his apprentice. Perdis was killing by tossing from high temple of Minerva. “Guilt is always jealous.” Daedalus killed perdis because he was feared that Perdix would surpass him in talent. As a result, author wants readers to listen people’s criticism, with an open mind. Don’t be arrogant toward people. On the other hand, author reveals that struggling for survival is human instinct. According to Ovid, Icarus was struggling when he fell in sea. But no one could help him.
In conclusion, In “The Landscape with the Fall of Icarus”, William Carlos William developed deep meaningful message to readers. He explains the human’s circumstance and universe in the world. Besides, he reveals that life still goes on no matter what it is. Time does not stop for people.

The" Red Shift" Essay

In the poem” Red Shift”, the author Ted Berrigan suggests that everyone is taking their destiny into their own hands. They are creating their own future; no one can affect a person’s decision; and that people have power to overcome obstacles. However, this poem us about how human overcome obstacles in oppressive and cruel life. Ted Berrigan wants human not to keep making same mistake and tolerate the unfair things. He does this by using repetition and different tone.
Speaker‘s tone changes throughout the poem. He is very clam at first. The poem is take place on cold and dark February night. Then he is disappointed. He writes, “who could have thought that I’ d be here , nothing wrapped up, nothing buried ,everything love , children ,hundreds of saying that the money , marriage, ethics, a politics of grace. Author is saying that the world is full of helpless people. But no one care them. Author is disappointed at those selfish people who have money and power but not to help poor people.
Author suggests that people should work together as one to overcome obstacles. Human cannot tolerate anymore. They should stand up for them. He says, “I am 43. When will I die? I will never die, I will live to be 110, and I will never go away, and you will never escape from Me.” author uses repetition to emphasize his determination. He is saying that he would never give up, even though he would die one day. Author suggest that human should work together as one to fight, don’t escape.
Author reveals that without obstacles, life goes unchallenged. Human are taking control of their own fate. Now speaker is full of hope.”I’m only pronouns, and I am all of them, and I didn’t ask for this, you did, I came into your life to change it and it did so and now nothing will ever change.” Author I speaking to God. He challenges God. He argues that human is taking their destiny into their own hands. No one can affect them, even God.
In conclusion, in the poem “Red Shift”, the author Ted Berrigan suggests that everyone is taking their destiny into their own hands. They have power to overcome obstacles. They can choose whether or not to accept the fate .no one can affect a person’s decision. This message is so important because making good decision is affect a person’ whole life.

My Letter

Hello! I'm Shuping.And I am writing this letter to you because I want you to know more about me. I am senior in Malden high school as you know. I was raised in China, the best country in the world. I like math. It makes me happy when I solve the problem.I hate history.No matter how hard I study, I always screw up the history.I don’t know why we are taught the stuffs that we are never going to use in life,such as history.

500 words on Bruegel

The painting that is my subject of description is entitled "Landscap with the fall of Icarus” by Pieter Bruegel.The size of the painting is 2x3 Inches.I see a large variety of different things and activities in this painting. They are of different colors.What grab my attention at first look is the man locates at the center of the painting.He is leading a horse by the bridle and the horse is pulling a car.It seems like he walks a horse down to somewhere.Only the left side of his face is visible to me because he is wearing a hat.His head is bent low as if he is thinkinig.And his dress is severely plain and antiquated.From the left top corner,I see trees,mountains and stones stair.I see the trees are turning from green to glod and a few of the trees are being bent.The trees are in front and the mountains are in back.Then if you look more down,there is a farm. To be precise,there is old man in the back.He puts his hand on his heart and gazes at the sky.I would assume he is boring. It is not very clear what he is doing in the picture,but it seems like he is feeding some kind of animals,perhaps some pigs and sheep.Iam not quite sure what they are.There are at least 15 animals. some are black,others are black.On the bottom right of the picture,there is man squats by the river.He is wearing white shrit.His right hand stretches forth straightly,as if asking for something,and his left hand is putting on his knee.I would assume that he is fishing because I see something is floating on the sea,it looks like fish. This is only an assumption because no other part of his body can be seen.Three boats are coming toward to Fishing man.The boat seems packed with a lot of things.Secondly,what grab my attention is a large and dark green sea.And the sea is surrounding by the hills and mountains.The sea is so wide and the boats are so small.As we see it,there are 6 different side boats on the sea.And I don't see anyone on the boats.Back to left of picture, there is a magnificent palace in the back.It seems like the hills and mountains are seperating them.I would assume that author wants to show us the differences between poverty and affluence.On the other hand,I think this picture time is sunset time because I see the sun is going down. I see the sky has a lot of colors, it's shade of white , bule, yellow and orange.In short,this painting is so dark.In the middle of sea there have small islands, some trees are growing in there, but looks like no one is living there because I don't see any building.Those are the thing that I see in this painting.