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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The stranger Part2 Essay

In the passage chapter 3 part2 of when Raymond testifies that Meursault is innocent in the trial. Albert Camus suggests that life is dramatic. It’s dramatic because of choices. Each choice has a consequence and people are responsible for the consequences. Albert Camus use situational Irony to describe the different consequences. Meursult is a protagonist and he is guilty of murder, symbolizes the actual result. Raymond is antagonist and a witness in the story, symbolizes the expected result.
When the passage begins, Meursault tells the consequences of Raymond‘s action. He is a “Witness (95)” in the previous passage; Raymond is full o f hate and anger in his eyes when he returns to the beach. He is holding a gun in his hand and ready to kill the tow Arab men. However, in this passage, Raymond changes to a “witness”. He testifies that “[Meursalt] was innocent. [His] being at the beach was just a chance.” Dramatically, Albert Camus uses situational irony to reveal that Raymond is selfish; it can also reveal the importance of the decision making. In a couple of second, life can be completely changed.
Then Albert Camus begins to describe the change in Meursault. Meursault is changing from an emotionless character to a character who I sable to experience emotion. He is happy when Raymond tries to defend him. He also admits Raymond is his friend by saying “Yes. [Meursault] looked at Raymond who returned [his] gaze (96)” in the previous passage, Meusrault is indifferent and doesn’t care about anyone or anything. However in this passage, he is scared and exhausted. “The depth of my exhaustion; the cries of the newspaper vendor; the shouts of the sandwich seller; the screech of the streetcars.” All of these are symbolizing Meursaul’ true feeling. He is sad but happy. He is desperate but full of hope. Albert Camus reveals that human are inconsistent.
In conclusion, this passage is about two different consequences of different actions. Meursualt and Raymond are representing these two different consequences. Albert Camus reveals that life is dramatic. It is dramatic because of choices. People are responsible for the consequences of their own actions.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

"The stranger" Part1 Essay

In the passage when Meursault and Raymond returns to beach and want to take revenge on the Arab men that tried jumping them earlier, Albert Camus suggests that humans are easy carry away by hatred and anger, they would do something immoral, even against the law as a result. Albert Camus shows this by describing the setting of the beach and Raymond's reaction to two Arab men. Raymond is the antagonist and the foil of the story, symbolizes the humans conditions and the cause of accident. By the way Meursault describes his situation and Raymond's reaction, life is complicated and change frequently base on the decisions. In a couple of seconds, humans can miss the rest of the lives or forget the hatred and start the new life; it can also reveal that humans are control of their own destinies.
When the passages begin, Meursault shows Raymond’s intense hatred and anger. He is full of hate in his eyes. Then Meursault begins to describe the reaction of two Arab men when they see Raymond. Two Arab men didn't run away. They didn't feel scared and quilt. Instead "They were lying down, in their greasy eyes. Overall, they seem perfectly calm and almost content."It seems Arab men gets used to this situation. Even they did something against the law, they don't care about. It reveals that humans can be emotionless; nothing can affect them when they become immoral. Then Meursault begins to describe the reaction of Raymond when he sees two Arab men at the beach. By comparison, Raymond is very nervous."Raymond put his hand in his hip pocket. He started getting worked up." Raymond is the one who gets hurt in the fight, but he seems very scared and nervous. It reveals that human are born in goodness.
When the second passage begins, Meursualt shows Raymond’s forgiveness and moral. “The sun glinted off Raymond’s gun as he hand it to me.”The sun represent the light, moral and God. Raymond’s decision has bring him back to moral .His hatred of Arab men is gone now. “He seems better” Raymond is full of forgiveness in his eyes. By the way Meursault describes Raymond and the situation, life seems like a game, you can win or lose. Morally Raymond is winner.
In conclusion, these passages are about a man changes from immoral to moral. It reveals that humans are easy carry away by the hatred and anger, they would do something immoral as a result. But humans are control of their own destinies, they are the one who decide whether to be good or bad.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Kite Runner" Independent Reading

In Khaled Hosseini’s novel “Kite Runner”, the character Amir is a selfish and coward for his betray of his closest friend Hassan; this is significant because this is the pivotal point in Amir’s life. Amir is change from a selfish child to selfishness adult. It reveals that humans can find the way back to that basic goodness through right action and intention; it can also suggests that a person‘s past is really matter and it would affect on the future.
Khaled Hsseini begins the story with a description of his past. It tells us that something in his past has defined his entire life and made him became what he is today. “I remember the precise moment. Crouching behind a crumbling mud, wall, peeking into the alley near the frozen. I’ve learned about how you can bury it. Because the past claws it way out.” it clearly tells us how important this moment was. “ alley” a place that change Amir. As the story unfold, I realized that the narrator refers to where Hassan was raped .Amir is trying to forget his past, but his feeling of guilt keep him arising “ Peeking into “ he keeps going over the event in his life. “There is a good way to be good again.” This passage is so important. It implies that people can find the way back to that basic goodness through right action. Without telling why, it keeps reader attention.
“I realized I still hadn’t breathed out.Exhaled, slowly, quietly, I felt paralyzed. I watch them close in on the boy I’d grown up with. I stooped watching, turned away from the alley. In the end, I ran.” Amir leaves Hassan in alleyway. “Exhaled, slowly, quietly, paralyzed” these words evidently shows us the Amir’s evil and betray. He was coward. He was afraid of getting hurt. He ran away. These passages remind me of Hassan. “For you, a thousand times over.” Hassan is willing to sacrifice himself for Amir. He always defends Amir. By comparison, Amir is evil .As a result, Hassan‘s raped became sacrifice.
“I felt at peace. I laughed because I saw that. My body was broken- just how badly I wouldn’t find out until later-but I felt healed- healed at last. I laughed.” Amir returned to Kabul where he finds Hassan’s son and encounter s Assef, a man who raped Hassan. “Peace, laughed, healed” these words clearly show us that quilt Amir has been suffering from his childhood is finally lifted and his mind is at peace. Amir believes that he has compensated for the pain he caused Hassan. This reminds me of “There is way to be good again.” Amir is not evil now. He sacrifices his life to save sohrab just as Hassan had save Amir. Thus Amir feels healed and begins laughing. Finally, “for you, a thousand times over.” Amir is looking forward to each new day. He is doing something for other now. He is good man and willing to take care of others.
In conclusion, the “Kite runner” is powerful novel that explores friendship, love, and loyal. Khaled Hsseini Suggests that human should have courage to do right things even when it is dangerous or frightening to do so. Human are born in goodness.